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The best plants to grow on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is home to more than 1730 species of local native plants. They come in a diverse range of textures, colours and sizes and can be used in any style of garden including formal, contemporary, tropical and cottage gardens.

Why should I grow local native plants?

they attract native birds, butterflies and frogs to your garden they often require less water they provide a food source and habitat for local fauna native plants are adapted to the local conditions native gardens are unique and attractive and complement the City’s landscape character gardens filled with local native plants provide much needed additional resources for wildlife to avoid environmental weeds escaping from your garden into waterways and natural areas.

The varieties of native species are wide ranging. A reference guide with plant suggestions categorised by suitability to particular growing conditions, type, species and size is available for download.

Click here to view the GCCC plant selection guide

Where to buy native plants?

Visit the Friends of the Gardens nursery at the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. The nursery stocks a wide range of local native plants and is open from 8am to 11am on the first Friday of each month.

Purchasing plants that are local provenance is an important contribution you can make to the environment. Local provenance means that the plant is grown from local, naturally occurring specimens.

Planting these, rather than plants sourced from far afield, preserves the local genepool of that species. It also supports local native plant nurseries, which play a vital role in contributing to the greening of the city and support the local economy.

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