Environmentally-friendly GC Christmas Trees

Growing Christmas trees is a very environmentally friendly activity as the trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and hence they are helping to slow down the green house effect. In fact since 1995 The Real Christmas Tree Farm has been operating they have planted well in excess of 130 000 trees. offers: Delivery of your tree. Forget the trailer, forget the traffic. Let us deliver your tree to your home or office and we will set it up f

Gold Coast Heritage Trees

Heritage trees are an important part of the City’s streetscapes, landscapes and heritage places. They may be remnants of our past environment, special plantings to commemorate those lost during war, the result of historic city beautification programs and school arbour days or private plantings in historic gardens. Heritage trees are often outstanding examples of their kind and their age and size means that they are generally rare on the Gold Coast. These trees play an importa

The best plants to grow on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is home to more than 1730 species of local native plants. They come in a diverse range of textures, colours and sizes and can be used in any style of garden including formal, contemporary, tropical and cottage gardens. Why should I grow local native plants? they attract native birds, butterflies and frogs to your garden they often require less water they provide a food source and habitat for local fauna native plants are adapted to the local conditions native garde

Help the bees!

BEEKEEPERS are warning honey prices will soar this summer after about 150 million bees were wiped out in the Hinterland bushfires. Bees play an important role in the balance of nature. They work hard to pollinate plants – agricultural, horticultural and garden - and they make honey. Unfortunately, they also have a nasty sting and need to be managed correctly to avoid creating a nuisance on adjoining properties. One of the primary limitations to the keeping of bees is the real